More Gimp Gear: The Cast Cover and the Leg Pillow!

So yeah, I know, this is really more of a continuation than an addition of new info. BUT hey, a post is a post, right?

I could probably do an entire post about the perils of taking a shower with a busted ankle. But instead, let’s just say that at the ortho’s office, it was made very clear that I should never, ever get my splint or cast wet. I’m not sure what would happen exactly, aside from losing its integrity and having to be redone, but I like to imagine that maybe it would turn into a gremlin? Or multiply into many useless splints?


“Ohhhh, whataworld!!!”


Okay, so my first shower involved a trashbag, a dishtowel and a rubber band, none of which really make a terrific cast guard (but it does sound like a great teaser for an episode of “Forensic Files”, doncha think?). So I ordered this cast cover from the magical Amazon site, and got one delivered pretty quickly. It’s just a thick plastic bag with a big band and a silicon seal that has an opening in it. A teeny, tiny opening that barely will fit around my leg normally, let alone my leg with a cast or a bandaged splint. But with Michael’s help, I got the damn thing on and managed to take shower number 2 with relative peace of mind.

No shower would even be possible without all the stuff that Leslie brought me the other day – shower stool, shower head attachment…but the suction cup handles that attach to the shower walls? They are not terribly reliable as far as staying put goes. So…instead, I’ve worked out a system of sitting my way into the bathtub, lame and bagged leg dangling out of the bath. It’s not a perfect system, and you still have to be super careful getting in and out and not using the crutches on slippery steamed tile floors. TILE FLOORS ARE WHAT GOT ME HERE. I’m not falling for that again (#dadjokeagain).

Okay, so the other piece of gear I purchased is this: a medical elevating pillow for my leg and cast. It is much better than the many pillows I was using before, in that the pillows tend to slide around and then scatter across the bed while I sleep. This thing pretty much just sits here, doing what it’s supposed to be doing – keeping my foot up.

I was trying to think of another movie/pop culture reference for the medical supportive pillow, but I can’t really think of anything, other than I’m surprised I have not seen ads for it on Investigation Discovery, which has about three long nighttime ads that it repeats ALL NIGHT LONG: Proactiv skin care, Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skin care, and Life Alert, which tells me all I need to know about their viewership.

Okay, that’s it for now. But tune in tomorrow for other things I’m trying to keep busy with, such as binge-ing TV shows. Stranger Things 3, anyone?


One thought on “More Gimp Gear: The Cast Cover and the Leg Pillow!

  1. Ouch! brings back memories of the mid-90’s when I went to leave the house and was late for the bus, jumped down 3 steps outside the front door and the next thing you know, I found myself lying on the grass with my foot all wobbly. Yup, ruptured my achilles tendon!
    It didn’t hurt, until I got a cramp in my calf. How do you get rid of cramp in your calf? Stretch your foot of course, but I couldn’t, so the cramp got worse and worse, until I almost passed out with the pain. Not only that, the muscles in my calf were rippling as if I had an alien under the skin! It wasn’t funny at the time though.
    No surgery, but I had to wear a cast up to my knee for the next 3 months – all through the summer!
    I managed to keep it dry with a large rubber band and a bin liner on my leg, but it was really frustrating. I feel your pain.

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