Found Family Feasts!

Or, In which I was a guest on the awesome film chat podcast, Nashville, CA!

I apologize PROFUSELY that I didn’t post this five months ago. I’m running just a titch behind, sorry.

As you may or may not know, I’m a fan of the horror franchise podcast With Gourley and Rust, because Matt Gourley and Paul Rust are (a) sweethearts, (b) funny AF and (c) the coziest of cozy.

As a Patreon supporter, I’ve been a part of their Discord community (we are called Trustees, from back when the first few “In [Voorhees/Meyer/Kruger] We Trust, With Gourley and Rust” seasons came out) online since it started, and in the process, I’ve befriended fellow fans and discovered that several have their own podcasts. Sean and Josh have been running theirs for a few years now and I always enjoyed listening in. But I was surprised when Sean asked me to be a guest for their discussion of Ravenous for a Thanksgiving themed show (movies involving family feasts of some sort).

I could NOT say yes fast enough. Fellow Trustee (and podcaster!) Greg also guested, and we picked the Midsommar Director’s Cut as the second half of this double feature. Have a listen, won’t you? Just forgive the sound on my mic — it wasn’t actually a microphone so…. Yes, we talked a LOT. Ravenous discussion begins at 1:49:45.